Thursday, June 18, 2009

Basic 4, passed

My Doodlebug passed Skating Basic 4 this evening. She started ice skating lessons in January. She'd never been on the ice before, and now she looks like she's been there forever. I took some photos for you, but they all turned out so grainy (and pink) that they are not worth sharing. However, she is planning to go skating when we are at Mimi's, so if any of her cousins are interested in skating with her, I'm sure that can be arranged. Mimi plans to watch, not skate, if you were wondering.

Today, Trixie tried to come with us when we left the house. I don't know why. Other times she stays home without complaint. However, there is this sign on the door of the ice rink which makes it clear that she is not welcome there. There are other, similarly worded signs inside, like the one that prohibits balls, puck, or ball or puck like objects being played with on the floors.

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Lil Seesta said...

Do you skate in France somewhere? B/c I REALLY like the "Centre" reference: tres chic!!

Congratulations to the Doodlebug!!! As long as they don't have a sign about talking, I'm sure at least MAD would love it. EVD, on the other hand, would probably rather sit on the sidelines and yell at people. :)