Monday, June 22, 2009

This summer, while on break from Bible study which has homework, I decided I want to spend more time just reading the Bible. I googled for a read the Bible in a year plan, and came across this site: For me, someone who is on the computer daily, it is perfect. They have five different reading plans from which to choose, and numerous translations. You choose which you want, and a month in which to start. Then you get a customized page to bookmark (I put mine on the toolbar where I won't miss it.), which lists all the dates and the readings. You click the reading, and it takes you to with the readings for the day right there. As if that isn't enough to make one happy, when you come back the next time, there is a little line drawn through the passages you've already read. This is very handy for people like me who don't really care about keeping on schedule, but want to know what they read last, whether that was two days ago or two hours ago.

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