Saturday, June 20, 2009

Handmade Dog Toys

Today my daughter and I went to a free class at the big city library to learn to make dog toys. They were simple fleece toys, cutting, braiding, tying knots. According to the instructor, chewing on fleece is like brushing teeth. This would be great, especially for Jebediah, who has had some dental problems.

When we came home, Jeb was very interested in the toys. He took them from us, one by one. Then he stared at them. Then he decided to take a nap. Jeb is more a napping hound than a playful hound these days.

So I thought I would put some of his dog toothpaste on one toy, to lure him into chewing it. If fleece is good for teeth, how much better would fleece and toothpaste be?

Jebediah licked all the toothpaste off! He didn't even touch it with his teeth!

Trixie came over to sniff the toothpaste, but she decided it was
Jeb's toy, and there were plenty of other toys for her. She seems to like the fleece toys, but she likes every toy that comes into the house. She is all for chasing and chewing.

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