Friday, July 31, 2009

Lumpy's Cousins

Lumpy received some interesting mail this week. Apparently his cousins have been reading Kravitzing. The first letter to arrive was this:

My Dearest Lumpy,

Why would you call that charming princess palace a prison? It was the home of my dreams! Pink and purple and princesses plus a fabulous automobile! Why did you want to escape? Imagine being chauffeured about town in that car. Sheer bliss!

I am appalled that you would use your Jedi mind powers against such sweet and beautiful young girls. Why did you do that? Why? I hope you did not predispose them to think that all sock monkeys are as unappreciative of the finer things in life.

Do not think for a minute that I do not still love you, Lumpy, but I must speak up when I see so egregious an error in manners and good taste. Why did you say those things?

Your Loving Cousin,

That gave Lumpy some things to mull over. While he was planning his response, this arrived:

Lumpy, You have the most exciting adventures! I've always wanted to be kidnapped. Did they whack you with whackers or try to poke your eye out? Do you think you could introduce me to that littlest kidnapper? I like the glint in her eye. I'm taking the train. Pick me up at the station. --Zippy

PS - I am bringing cousin Tallulah.

Early the next morning, Lumpy went to the train station. He was very impressed with it. He'd never been in such a grand building before. He looked around, then found the Amtrak gate, where his cousins would be arriving.

He patiently sat and waited and people watched. Like so many other people these days, he was disappointed he could not go out and watch the trains. So he just sat, not wanting to miss seeing his cousins walk out the door.

What a flurry of monkey madness it was when Tallulah and Zippy arrived! They were a blur of sock monkey motion. Hugging, jumping, screeching, spinning each other in circles. Not a single photograph came out in focus. It was not until we were home that I was able to get a decent picture of them.

The best part is that Zippy and Tallulah have decided to stay in America. However, it's not Lumpy that they want to live with - it's the kidnappers!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Great day on the bay

Today, my daughter and I met friends at a park on the bay. On the way there, my husband called and talked to our girl. (I was driving.) He told her that there had been a moose sighting only a few miles from our house. We were lamenting our bad moose mojo.

However, we saw so many marine animals at the bay that it totally made up for not seeing the local moose!

We've had storms at night, so there were cool tide pools to explore and lots of muck and ick churned up along the beach. I saw a sting ray! Very cool. I'd only seen them in aquariums before today. It was about two feet long in wingspan. It swam away before I could get my camera opened.

We saw a horseshoe crab. This one was alive. We also found the shell and tail of one that was not. Doodlebug brought the tail home, along with her other good finds.

The tidepools were full of blue crabs, little eels, and small fish.

The bay was full of jellyfish and seaweed.

We all had fun exploring the tidepools.

Although our intended purpose had been to hunt for shark's teeth, there was so much more to explore today that we only spent a small part of our time fossil hunting. However, look what my girl found as she was walking along: a big shark's tooth! This is the biggest one any one in our family has ever found.

Napping as a team sport

Traveling with the dogs is an undeniable nuisance. It limits how long we can be out of the house, which of us can go away for overnight visits elsewhere, at which hotels we can stay, etc. However, they are the best napping buddies you'd ever want.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

U.S. Botanic Garden

Yesterday, I went to the U.S. Botanic Gardens. It was too hot, too typically July, to really enjoy it, and it was full of other sweaty people. This is yet another place that I had not visited in years, and which had been renovated in the interim. All the outdoor gardens were new to me. As hot as it was, this feature was a tempting sight. I was considering wading in it; it looked very clean and cool.

However, there were four of these signs surrounding it. So I kept my feet out of it and walked through the sprinklers instead.

Inside, I learned about this "living fossil." I don't really understand how something can be living and be a fossil, but that is what they call it. It seems to mean "something we thought was extinct for millions or billions of years, but somebody found alive." Wouldn't that be amazing? To discover something like that? Anyway, this is the wollemi pine, a tree found in an undisclosed location in Australia. It is one of the rarest plants in the world; only about 40 are known to exist. You might like to read more about it here.

Lumpy discovers cannoli

The boys took Lumpy out to lunch yesterday. Mmmmmm...... gyros.

Lumpy spotted cannoli. He'd heard about it, and wanted to taste it for himself.

He was a bit confused over the definition of "sharing," but they worked it out.

Lumpy liked it, but he suggested it could be improved by adding bananas.

Don't worry, Dad, they got some fill at homes for you!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How good and pleasant it is

Psalm 33:1 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is
For brothers to dwell together in unity!

Monday, July 27, 2009

I have not dropped anyone.

If I've disappeared from following your site, it's not by choice. Blogger has decided to drop me from everyone else's blog. It also won't allow me to rejoin your sites. I cannot even follow my own blog. I get error messages whenever I try to access the followers moderation on dashboard.

Depending on your browser, it might look like I've kicked off all my followers. I have not. Nor have I blocked anyone from becoming a follower.

I didn't want anyone to think I was dropping them intentionally.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Advantages of Youth and Height

It was not what you would call a fair match, but ...

....they certainly enjoyed themselves.

That's all that really matters.

Good game, Grandpa!

How does kravitzing look on your screen?

I've recently had the opportunity to see my blog from two computers other than my own. It did not look like it does on the 12 inch screen of my laptop. Images were shifted, not aligned, words were chopped up and squeezed between photos, and there was a lot more white space.

If readers could leave me comments (or email me, if you prefer) and let me know what it looks like on their browser and screen, that would help me to improve the way Kravitzing looks and reads to you. If there are particular posts that looked weird, tell me which ones.

I can't predict how it will look to others, but if I know that, generally speaking, alternating images right and left keeps text intact better than rows of left aligned images (or vice versa), then I will set up future posts that way.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My daughter, the artist

My daughter has always been artistically inclined. She is forever drawing, painting, and making things. She has a particular interest in winged things - birds, butterflies, faeries. We all enjoy the fruits of her talent, and watching her skills develop.

Last weekend, when I was at the American Art Museum, I saw this example of folk art.

It reminded me of something Doodlebug (that's one of our nicknames for her) drew of Trixie when we first brought small dog home, about 2.5 years ago. I like it so much that I have it hanging in my room at home.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Photographic evidence of Lumpy's Detainment

Here are photos from the days Lumpy spent with his kidnappers. Judge for yourselves whether this was "a visit" or whether he was being held against his will.

Apparently his prison was Disney Princess themed. Clearly this is a violation of some clause in the Geneva convention. If not, it should be.

After surviving this torture, no one will be surprised to learn that Lumpy made an escape attempt. Unfortunately, his feet could not reach the pedals.
Note that even the vehicle of escape is pink. That should have been a sign to Lumpy that the attempt was doomed, but he is an optimistic sock monkey.

After being recaptured, Lumpy decided to use his Jedi mind skills to torment his tormenters. I think these last photos will make clear which captor broke first.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm a Lonesome Hound-dog

That was Jebediah, missing his boy terribly. I thought that when my eldest arrived yesterday, Jeb would be happy to see him and perk up a bit.

Oh how wrong I was! Jeb was very happy to see his boy's brother, but when he looked around and realized that his own boy had not returned........he quickly went from mopey to despondent.

Jeb has never skipped a meal in his life. He refused to eat dinner. He went outside and sat in the dirt, leaning against the house. We coaxed; we cajoled - nothing. He didn't even want to look at us. He stayed outside, sitting in the dirt, for hours.

He would not come in when it was time for bed. He laid down in the dirt, planning to sleep there. He would not budge, so I picked him up and carried him upstairs! He refused to sleep on the bed. He laid on the floor, all by himself. Absolute refusal to socialize with any one present.

Fortunately, this morning when we awoke, he seemed to have forgotten that he was morbidly depressed, and ate breakfast and wrestled with Trixie as usual.

Happiness was Jeb's today; He was reunited with his boy. You've never seen a happier dog!

Drama King!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

River Farm

This morning, Mimi and I visited The River Farm, headquarters of the American Horticultural Society. The grounds are open to the public and free. The property was once owned by George Washington, but he himself never lived here. His niece and her husband did.

It was a lovely day for walking around, exploring the gardens. This one at left was called the Garden Calm, and it was. You can't see it in the photo, but it is shaded by the second oldest osage orange tree in the nation.

Growing here is the fruit of the paw paw tree. (If you are like me, you heard the voice of Baloo singing when you read that.) I never knew paw paw trees grew in this area. The farm also had apple, pear, and persimmon trees, all with fruit.

One of the things which I think will interest my gardening readers is that the AHS seems to have given up the idea of grassy lawn. On the right is a picture of the "lawn" underfoot. On the left is the meadow garden which replaced the great expanse of lawn which led down to the river.

Trixie would look so cute in this

I'm entering to win this bike. The rules are that I have to blog about it and include a link to The Lovely List. Obviously, this is my entry. Trixie and I would look pretty sweet tooling about town on this bike, wouldn't we?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Shopping with Lumpy

Mimi and I took Lumpy shopping today. First stop was for curtains. Lumpy was a bit of a maniac in that pretty store. Everybody else was behaving nicely, but he was trying out the beds, climbing up the walls, playing hide and seek - all the things a monkey thinks are fun.

When we went to Trader Joe's, we got smart and made him sit in the shopping cart like a good little monkey. That lasted until he spotted the bananas! You know how monkeys feel about bananas. So we bought some bananas for him.

Then a lovely lady gave him a balloon because he was being so good. That made him happy, and he sat very nicely in the cart ..... until he spotted another monkey in the store!

You wouldn't believe how long it took us to coax him down from there!

However, we did, and we bought our groceries and skedaddled before Lumpy could make any more mischief.