Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fossil Hunting

Yesterday, I went hunting for fossilized shark teeth with a few friends. Two of us would scoop out shells and stuff from the bay and carry it to the two who were searching for fossils. Even we mere carriers found shark teeth, but Ma'am, in the yellow shirt, turned out to have the eagle eye.

Afterward, we enjoyed a picnic lunch before returning to M's house to enjoy the rest of our day together.

On the drive home, I was thinking that blessed as I am to have friends with whom I can do things, it is a greater blessing by far to have friends who are just as happy to do nothing with me. Being together is enough. I really treasure the times we can spend together, in person, and I'm happy that I have the internet so we can hang out online between times.


TexasHeather said...

too fun! you & your family have some wonderful adventures; I really enjoy reading about it. And I'm so glad to have "found" your blog : )

MA'AM said...

It was truly a blessed weekend and a perfect day of just hanging out with friends. Being together is enough.

~Eagle Eye~

Tig said...

I had so much fun hangin' around doin' nothin' with youze guize!!! My dh wants to go there with me so that I can show him where we found all of those shark teeth. Eagle Eye M will need to accompany us, methinks, cuz she is so good at finding them. Y'all Blessed my socks off this weekend.
Hugs, Tig