Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fun on the Fourth

It was a play all day cousin fest for the Fourth of July. Many forms of playing ball, lots of running around, blowing bubbles, riding bikes and rollerblades, exploring in the woods, and playing with the dogs. Good sweaty kid fun.

It was all topped off with fireworks, which mesmerized this sleepy little boy. Before the fireworks began, he and I walked over to CVS for some candy. He nervously told me, "I don't like fireworks." I said that he should just think about the candy then, and not the fireworks. "I can do that. I can think about the candy," he responded. At the first burst and bang, he said, "Candy!" and we opened our bags. A couple minutes later he was literally oohing and awing and awesome-ing and telling us how much he liked fireworks.

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