Thursday, July 30, 2009

Great day on the bay

Today, my daughter and I met friends at a park on the bay. On the way there, my husband called and talked to our girl. (I was driving.) He told her that there had been a moose sighting only a few miles from our house. We were lamenting our bad moose mojo.

However, we saw so many marine animals at the bay that it totally made up for not seeing the local moose!

We've had storms at night, so there were cool tide pools to explore and lots of muck and ick churned up along the beach. I saw a sting ray! Very cool. I'd only seen them in aquariums before today. It was about two feet long in wingspan. It swam away before I could get my camera opened.

We saw a horseshoe crab. This one was alive. We also found the shell and tail of one that was not. Doodlebug brought the tail home, along with her other good finds.

The tidepools were full of blue crabs, little eels, and small fish.

The bay was full of jellyfish and seaweed.

We all had fun exploring the tidepools.

Although our intended purpose had been to hunt for shark's teeth, there was so much more to explore today that we only spent a small part of our time fossil hunting. However, look what my girl found as she was walking along: a big shark's tooth! This is the biggest one any one in our family has ever found.

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TexasHeather said...

what a fun trip! Congrats to your girl on her great find!