Sunday, July 26, 2009

How does kravitzing look on your screen?

I've recently had the opportunity to see my blog from two computers other than my own. It did not look like it does on the 12 inch screen of my laptop. Images were shifted, not aligned, words were chopped up and squeezed between photos, and there was a lot more white space.

If readers could leave me comments (or email me, if you prefer) and let me know what it looks like on their browser and screen, that would help me to improve the way Kravitzing looks and reads to you. If there are particular posts that looked weird, tell me which ones.

I can't predict how it will look to others, but if I know that, generally speaking, alternating images right and left keeps text intact better than rows of left aligned images (or vice versa), then I will set up future posts that way.


MAAM said...

its always perfect on my screen and I wonder why I can't get my blog to format that way. I need a lesson!

Anonymous said...

looks great to me!
nice and pink too