Friday, July 3, 2009

Kravitzing at Grandma's

We spent the day at Grandma's house. It afforded great kravitzing for Trixie. From the deck, she could watch everyone and their dog as they walked past on the trail.

The weather today truly was gorgeous. One of those days where you keep saying, "Is it really July?" So after we played some Wii golf, bowling, and tennis, and Grandma whomped the boy and I in both labyrinth and gin rummy, we headed outside.

(Well, some of us headed outside. A certain girl spent All Day on the Wii Fit. She came back to Mimi's and described it as "a video game for losing weight." Not that she needs to lose any.)

Everybody knows that grandmothers like both hugs and kisses.


Tootsie said...

looks like a great day! in my patio pavers...that is just regular old grass...I use the trimmer to keep it short! have a great weekend!

CiNdEe said...

Trixie is a little doll(-: Is she a rat terrier? Jack would love visiting with her(-: