Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm a Lonesome Hound-dog

That was Jebediah, missing his boy terribly. I thought that when my eldest arrived yesterday, Jeb would be happy to see him and perk up a bit.

Oh how wrong I was! Jeb was very happy to see his boy's brother, but when he looked around and realized that his own boy had not returned........he quickly went from mopey to despondent.

Jeb has never skipped a meal in his life. He refused to eat dinner. He went outside and sat in the dirt, leaning against the house. We coaxed; we cajoled - nothing. He didn't even want to look at us. He stayed outside, sitting in the dirt, for hours.

He would not come in when it was time for bed. He laid down in the dirt, planning to sleep there. He would not budge, so I picked him up and carried him upstairs! He refused to sleep on the bed. He laid on the floor, all by himself. Absolute refusal to socialize with any one present.

Fortunately, this morning when we awoke, he seemed to have forgotten that he was morbidly depressed, and ate breakfast and wrestled with Trixie as usual.

Happiness was Jeb's today; He was reunited with his boy. You've never seen a happier dog!

Drama King!


C said...

Now those are BEFORE and AFTER pictures. He will always remember his first love... Jeb!

Tig said...

How sweet is that!??!! I read the story of Jeb's woeful afternoon in the dirt to my ds2 and showed him the Before and After pics. He was so happy to see that Jeb was finally reunited with his boy.

MAAM said...

Oh my goodness. he reminded me of Littlest in his before picture!! Poor Jeb made even my non-dog fancying heart melt. (don't tell Littlest. I'm trying to convince her drama queen-ness will not move me!)

Javajunky said...

That is the sweetest, funniest thing I've ever read. Hugs for Jeb! Silly dog..........