Friday, July 31, 2009

Lumpy's Cousins

Lumpy received some interesting mail this week. Apparently his cousins have been reading Kravitzing. The first letter to arrive was this:

My Dearest Lumpy,

Why would you call that charming princess palace a prison? It was the home of my dreams! Pink and purple and princesses plus a fabulous automobile! Why did you want to escape? Imagine being chauffeured about town in that car. Sheer bliss!

I am appalled that you would use your Jedi mind powers against such sweet and beautiful young girls. Why did you do that? Why? I hope you did not predispose them to think that all sock monkeys are as unappreciative of the finer things in life.

Do not think for a minute that I do not still love you, Lumpy, but I must speak up when I see so egregious an error in manners and good taste. Why did you say those things?

Your Loving Cousin,

That gave Lumpy some things to mull over. While he was planning his response, this arrived:

Lumpy, You have the most exciting adventures! I've always wanted to be kidnapped. Did they whack you with whackers or try to poke your eye out? Do you think you could introduce me to that littlest kidnapper? I like the glint in her eye. I'm taking the train. Pick me up at the station. --Zippy

PS - I am bringing cousin Tallulah.

Early the next morning, Lumpy went to the train station. He was very impressed with it. He'd never been in such a grand building before. He looked around, then found the Amtrak gate, where his cousins would be arriving.

He patiently sat and waited and people watched. Like so many other people these days, he was disappointed he could not go out and watch the trains. So he just sat, not wanting to miss seeing his cousins walk out the door.

What a flurry of monkey madness it was when Tallulah and Zippy arrived! They were a blur of sock monkey motion. Hugging, jumping, screeching, spinning each other in circles. Not a single photograph came out in focus. It was not until we were home that I was able to get a decent picture of them.

The best part is that Zippy and Tallulah have decided to stay in America. However, it's not Lumpy that they want to live with - it's the kidnappers!


MAAM said...

Is Lumpy contemplating life while perched upon your Vera bag??

Jennifer said...

Lumpy loves the Vera bag! He finds it very cozy, both inside and out. I find it attractive on the outside and just the right size on the inside. Thanks!

MAAM said...

Had we known it would have been a home away from home for Lumpy, we would have chosen a more appropriate jungle print. ;)