Sunday, July 19, 2009

Me at the Museums, part two

The National Gallery of Art was my second stop. When I went with the kids week before last, we only went to that one fantastic exhibit of the Spanish Armor. Today, I went to some of the other special exhibits. Being special, ie made of up of things on loan, photographs were not allowed, so not much to share.

This melon is photographed from an exhibit sign, not the actual painting. The painting was really outstanding. I realize still life is not everyone's cup of tea, but I know that you would have felt the same way about this melon that I did. It was the most realistic cantaloupe imaginable. Honestly. I wanted to touch it. The painter's name is Luis Meléndez.

I've been asked to include more pictures of myself, so here is one I took while I was looking at a vase exhibited with a mirrored backing.

Lastly, this is the new sparkly lighting on the moving walkway between the east and west buildings. The lights twinkle. It's better than ever. I just realized when looking up Melendez for that link that there were special exhibits I missed that I wanted to see. I might have to go back another day.

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C said...

That is the best work of art I've ever seen. I'm a lucky man!