Sunday, July 19, 2009

Me at the Museums

I visited four museums today: American Indian, National Gallery of Art, American Art, and Portrait Gallery. I'm going to give each building its own post, because I have so much to say about them.

I had not visited the Museum of the American Indian before today. I've walked past it, and although it looks rather out of place on the mall, I find it a beautiful building from the outside.

As I was taking these exterior shots, I realized that there was ambient music being broadcast. I was on the mall side of the building, which has lovely gardens surrounding the museum, shielding the mall and other buildings from one's view. I guessed they had speakers hidden in the landscaping. It was very relaxing, but did not sound like Native American music to me. Not that I am an expert or even average at recognizing music, but to my ears, it sounded vaguely Asian. Vaguely. But maybe not. What do I know.

Directly across the mall was my next stop, the National Gallery of Art. As I was crossing the mall, I noticed this. The sign reads, "Million Minutes of Meditation." That small group is meditating in unison to the "ambient not Indian sounding music" which I'd been hearing as I walked around the American Indian Museum.

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