Monday, July 6, 2009

Museum Day

We went to the Smithsonian today. We began at the American History, briefly stopped in at Natural History, and finished at the National Gallery. Those three are all in a row. From the National Gallery we walked to Union Station where I'd parked. Since we were there, we treated ourselves to Vaccaro's.

This was our first visit to the American History since the renovation. Upon entering, where one used to see the Star Spangled Banner and pendulum, there is now this shiny not-a-real-flag, and no pendulum. I think I will always miss the pendulum; it was such a childhood favorite. We didn't visit every hall, so I don't know if the Star Spangled Banner is still under restoration or not. I hope so. I hope it will return to display when finished.

Here are two highlights from the American History museum: my children's hands alongside a cast of Abraham Lincoln's hand and Julia Child's Kitchen. Interestingly, like Laura Ingalls Wilder, Julia Child's kitchen was designed by her husband and tailored to her height. However, in this case, countertops were raised, not lowered.

If you think this nice America pillow would be a lovely gift for your dad or sister, be prepared to pay $185.
Or, you could buy this book of photos of sock monkeys for only $20 something.

If you're like me, however, you would photograph these overpriced gifts and make a sock monkey of your own.

We only went to one exhibit at the Gallery of Art. Unfortunately, photography was not allowed, as everything was on loan. There was not even an exhibit program to share with you. The Art of Power was a large show of armor, paintings of kings in armor, and castle-sized tapestries depicting battles from the Royal Armory of Madrid. Very good. We agreed that my eldest would like it and should go when he is here. The armor was very elaborately decorated, more for pomp than for war. It was a great exhibit, if one likes that sort of thing, which we do. Here is the one photo from the Gallery's website, in case you don't follow the link to it.

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