Friday, July 24, 2009

Photographic evidence of Lumpy's Detainment

Here are photos from the days Lumpy spent with his kidnappers. Judge for yourselves whether this was "a visit" or whether he was being held against his will.

Apparently his prison was Disney Princess themed. Clearly this is a violation of some clause in the Geneva convention. If not, it should be.

After surviving this torture, no one will be surprised to learn that Lumpy made an escape attempt. Unfortunately, his feet could not reach the pedals.
Note that even the vehicle of escape is pink. That should have been a sign to Lumpy that the attempt was doomed, but he is an optimistic sock monkey.

After being recaptured, Lumpy decided to use his Jedi mind skills to torment his tormenters. I think these last photos will make clear which captor broke first.


C said...

Lumpy is a victim of the Stockholm Monkey Syndrom. He will need some intense sock primate therapy.

MAAM said...

Poor, poor Lumpy. How is it possible that 2 such cutie pies were able to inflict such torture on a poor, defenseless little monkey?

Lil Seesta said...

I object; clearly these photos were edited to portray a distortion -- I can keep silent no longer: Lumpy was defecting and was very reluctant to leave his captors. After all, he got to stay up all night reading about far away lands and happy endings; eat everything he wanted WHILE lying on the table; and joy ride in a bright pink, hybrid Cadillac escalade. And where is he now -- climbing the walls! (of bananas)