Thursday, July 2, 2009

What a memory!

Today, after going to Costco to purchase new glasses for my daughter, we stopped off at my son's Most Favorite Place to Eat in the Entire World: Lefty's. I ordered a full rack of ribs, one NC style pork sandwich, and a large order of corn nuggets. While I was in line, I called to tell him not to eat before I got home. I arrived there about 3 minutes after they opened, and there were two groups ahead of me in line.

That was not surprising. The surprise was that the lady who took my order was our "regular waitress" back when we lived here, which was over five years ago. She recognized me and she remembered my sons' names! She asked how they were doing. I told her that my younger son would surely be in next week, as he wants to eat as much of Lefty's bbq as he can before heading back out west. We have not been to Lefty's in a year and a half. I wouldn't have been surprised if my son had been with me, and she'd recognized him. I may be biased, but my sons are strikingly good looking, and still resemble their much younger selves. However, I was really surprised that she remembered me.

Oh, and Lefty's now sells bottles of their sauce. It won't be the same without the hickory smoked meat, but we will buy some to take home. My son said he'd leave his clothes behind and pack his suitcase full of sauce if need be.


Lil Seesta said...
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Jennifer said...

Comment from my Sister -

When I first read the title, I got teary and thought: Memory -- oh no, Lefty's is closing. Alas I am so relieved. That is amazing -- apparently both Lefty's & your family are icons.

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