Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back to school

We are a couple weeks into our school year.

My eldest, as you know, is living on campus at his school. I know he is taking five classes, but I don't know what they are. I asked if he had any mean teachers, and he told me they all seemed reasonably nice. That is good. One never wants their child, no matter how old, to be stuck around meanies.

My younger two both take classes at this school, located in a strip mall. The girl goes on Mondays and takes writing, esl, art, p.e., and music. Her brother is taking French and chemistry there, which meet on Mon and Wed. We suspect French will be dropped.

On Tues and Thurs, he takes classes at our local CC. There he will be taking music history, English, algebra, and psychology. Then on Friday, he is taking a jazz improv class. He'll be very busy. (He has no mean teachers, either.)

I will be busy, too, running my own little taxi service.

My daughter and I do all her basics at home. She is gaining independence this year with her studies. For science, she is studying flying creatures, and for history, the USA. She prefers science to history. I think whether or not she considers her teacher mean depends on the day, maybe the minute, you ask her.


MAAM said...

so what does Lumpy do when you are in school?

TexasHeather said...

that IS a busy schedule! But, I have a question (don't I always)...your dd is taking ESL? As in, English as a Second Language? Or does that stand for something else.....???
-Confused in Brazil

Jennifer said...

Heather, my daughter's first language was not English. Her class is not a true ESL class, as it addresses other educational needs, but that is the easiest label for it.

Melissa, Lumpy and Lucy have taken to hanging out together during school time. There is a lot of whispering and giggling, but they are not disruptive.

TexasHeather said...

Thanks for explaining. I had no idea.(and I hope that wasn't an insensitive question....)
Glad to hear Lumpy & Lucy are entertaining each other without being disruptive; too funny!