Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dirt Road Yaris

This is my idea for a new reality show. Instead of burly Canadians driving 18 wheelers over frozen expanses, it features middle aged men driving fuel efficient cars in places they aren't meant to be driven. Do you think it could be a hit?

These are actual lines from episode one:

Middle aged man as he heads up an unknown dirt road with a steep grade: "I like to push my vehicles to their limit."

Middle aged wife shortly thereafter: "This is not nearly as fun now that it is raining and everything is slippery and wet."

Preteen girl when yaris is momentarily stuck in mud: "Is burning rubber a good thing?"

I wish I had good photos to go with this, but the ones I took do not convey the grade or muck that was called a "road."

Episode two started with a sign that says, "Road impassable in winter or rain." Good thing it only drizzled.

Stay tuned; I'm sure there will be upcoming episodes.


TexasHeather said...

hee hee, we had a similar experience. I'm sure it would make a great reality show -- at least, our episode was pretty funny. And no, pictures just don't do it justice, do they?

Glad you (apparently) got out of the muck. My bloggy world wouldn't be the same without you : )

Jennifer said...

Oh, good news! The show needs to feature more than one driver and his family!

Lil Seesta said...

How much funnier would it be if everyone in the car were generally over 5'4"... oh...