Friday, August 21, 2009

Lumpy's night out

Lumpy had fun playing Bunco this evening. He choose orange for his name tag and wore it with pride all night. He called it his "Lucky Orange Sticker."

It was not so very lucky, as you can see from his score card. He won 9 rounds, and lost 9 rounds. No buncos. He had a great time, though, chatting with all the other players.

The hostess is such a sweet lady. Everyone got prizes. When it was Lumpy's turn to choose a bag, he decided green was his new lucky color, and grabbed a prize with green paper.

His prize: "Lucky Green Monster Gloves." He is thrilled with their versatility. He says they are good for picking bananas in Brazil, pruning rosebushes in Colorado, skiing in Switzerland, and scaring monsters worldwide. He was so excited about his own prize, that he did not even notice what the actual winners received.


TexasHeather said...

Lumpy can come pick bananas any time! : )

Jan said...

Oh what fun! I love Bunco. I haven't played since Washington. I miss it. I'm glad Lumpy had a great time.