Saturday, August 8, 2009

Market Morning

My husband and I went to a big local flea market this morning. It was free if you entered before 8:30, so that is what we did. We walked around and watched the vendors setting up. We'd never been there before, so were not sure what to expect. My wishlist was two items long: a hatpin and a birdbath. I thought the hatpin might be a long shot, but it is something I could truly use. The birdbath seemed like a more likely find.

Neither were to be seen. What was seen? Lots of clothing, shoes, and grocery and drugstore items. There was more new merchandise than used. I wanted to share with you the standard method of displaying jeans. All vendors selling jeans put them on rows of mannequins with the butts facing toward the buyer.

I also photographed these two cute chihuahuas sitting on a washing machine. There was a sign at the entrance stating no dogs allowed, but several of the vendors had their small, well behaved dogs with them. I liked the way the little golden chihuahua was staring at the tv, like he was waiting for someone to turn on his favorite show. He turned his head just as I snapped the photo.

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Jan said...

Ewww on the jeans and the dogs are darling! There's a flea market here, I've not been and your report on the one where you are doesn't make me eater to seek it out. I'd forgotten about the one here till this post.