Thursday, August 20, 2009

My baby done left me.

He looks happy, doesn't he? My son moved on campus today. We all went with him, because we wanted to see where he'd be living and going to school.

His bed was too small. We knew it would be, because all the paperwork the school sent told us to bring bedding for a standard twin. Fortunately for us, the boys' friend, K, was moving on campus, too, and he knew that if you happen to be very tall, they will bring you a longer bed.

They brought it up immediately. Of course, we didn't have bedding for the longer bed, so we non-college age people went to Target, and the boys went over to K's dorm.

I was really glad K was there, because there was no way that standard twin was going to work for my non-standard boy.

I should have taken more photos, because then you could have seen the cause of my culture shock. See the stuff under my son's new longer and taller bed? That is about what he brought. Other students were bringing in enough stuff to furnish a small house! New in the box big screen tvs, ps2's, boxes of dvds and games, extra chairs and tables and bookcases, bins and bins of clothing. I had no idea.

After we brought the new sheets back, we took the boys to lunch and said good bye. I did not cry, in case you were wondering. I will miss having him around, but I am so excited for him! Not that I find campus life exciting or even appealing, myself, but I am excited about his future, about him moving forward, taking the next step forward in his education, taking responsibility for his own success, and just plain seeing what comes next for him.


Jan said...

I'm excited for him and will look forward to hearing how he does. I'm also sending prayers.

Jan said...

Thanks goodness for longer beds!

TexasHeather said...

That is a "glad it is you and not me yet" kind of way, LOL!

Seriously, I know that is a huge milestone, and I know I will be oh-so-proud of my boys when they hit that point, but right now....right now I'm just trying to enjoy the moment and not let them grow up too fast, ya know?

Hugs & prayers as you all adjust to the new normal.

Tig said...

Keeping him in my prayers (and you). What a milestone in both of your lives. Yay on the longer bed for your boy!

As for the stuff that you saw many of the other students hauling into their dorm rooms . . . most of it sounds like CLUTTER!!! That is so egocentric and materialistic. I'll just betcha that many of those students' parents are clutterers with houses and garages stuffed to the brim with useless material goods. That is one of the things that is wrong with our lifestyle, we as a people who too much stuff/clutter.
They need to de-clutter!! They need to Tiggerate!
Okay, stepping down from my lectern, class is dismissed. LOL

Jennifer said...

Thank you all for praying for my son. I do appreciate it.