Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My dogs are smart.

My dogs are so smart. They watch me like hawks and quickly learn how to read my comings and goings. On Sunday, I tried out the Wii Fit. They were confused and wanted to play along with me that night. I skipped Monday. Last night, they followed me to the basement, sat and watched me contentedly. I don't know why dogs would want to watch me on the Wii, unless they are inwardly laughing at me as I hula hoop with no hoop, but they chose to come with me rather than hang out upstairs with the rest of the family. No examples of intelligence yet, just questionable taste, right?

Well, tonight when I changed into my "Wii Fit ensemble," ie shorts I would not wear in public and a similar top, they both immediately headed to the basement ahead of me. "Oh, look, Mom is wearing her funny going to play in the basement clothes! Let's go!"

See, my dogs are smart. Or at least they have good memories.

I already knew this because if I put on sneakers, they know I am going for a walk, and they begin to whimper and cry and jump at me hoping to be the dog who goes with me. (I cannot walk them both at the same time.) For this reason, I sneak out for walks when at least one of them is distracted or not home.

Sometimes my husband will take Trixie in the car to pick a kid up someplace, and I will take Jeb for a walk. Another example of his intelligence: the first time, he cried that Dad took Trixie and not him. When I got out my sneakers, he perked right up. The second time: no crying, watching me carefully, rejoicing when he saw the sneakers. Third time: Dad had not closed the door before he ran to me, tail wagging.

(The photo has nothing to do with the dogs' intelligence, but I like illustrated posts. It is from last October when we took the dogs hiking. They are also good hikers, if you don't mind being pulled off balance by dogs on leashes who won't keep pace with you.)


TexasHeather said...

They sound pretty smart to me! How do you like Wii Fit so far?

Tig said...

What a great story!

Jessica said...

This is such a nice picture of you!