Friday, August 28, 2009

My personal tech support

Time to take a break from talking about me. I figure anyone who reads my blog regularly should be tired of hearing me ramble on about sock monkeys and small dogs, and will be relieved to hear about anything else.

So, here are photos of my husband's hobby. He fixes, refurbishes, rebuilds, builds, or upgrades computers. He does this not just for me and the kids, but for other people, too. For example, last week he fixed a church computer. The power supply and something else had gone bad. In July, he fixed Mimi's computer.

This summer, or maybe it was spring, he became involved in a local ministry that makes his hobby a blessing not just to his family and friends, but to many others. They take old donated computers and revamp them to give away to people and organizations that need but cannot afford basic computers. I think most or all of these parts belong to that ministry.

I do not understand computers myself, but obviously I use them all the time. So I truly appreciate my husband's talent in this area. He keeps every computer running and up to date so that I do not have to think about how these machines work at all. He's tech savvy, generous, and good looking, too. I'm rather spoiled.

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