Monday, August 31, 2009

Skater's Gloves (in progress)

I have not picked up my knitting needles since spring, when I thought I wanted to make geisha socks. I got this far, then decided I would not wear wool geisha socks very often. I considered starting over toe up and making regular socks, but I liked the subtle varied shades of this pink wool too much to hide it in regular shoes. So I unraveled it before - just before - it was time to snip the yarn to begin the toe.

Then, there was no knitting all summer while I made sock monkeys.

Recently I realized this pink yarn would be perfect for mittens for my daughter to wear ice skating. Acrylic store bought gloves tend to get a bit sweaty while skating. I think this sock weight wool will be more comfortable, plus, wool is a natural anti-microbial fiber, so they should not get germy from sweaty hands.

I decided to do a simple cabled cuff with a plain stockinette hand. Easy peasy. When I got to the first try on point (end of thumb gusset), my girl asked if I could make them gloves instead. So gloves it will be - my very first pair, in fact.

Today, during my four hours of mandatory service time at my children's school, I finished up glove number one. Now the hard part: making the other glove match in size.


TexasHeather said...

That is a very pretty pink, and I can see not wanting to hide it under normal shoes.

So, geisha socks are split-toed socks that you could wear.....what? With flip flops in the winter??? Or to wear with flip flops instead of bare feet??

Good luck on the correct sizing of the 2nd glove!

Jennifer said...

Yes, Heather, geisha socks are to wear with flip flops. I was thinking I'd wear them in the morning, because it is cold here in the morning, and I often slip on flip flops to go outside to the mail or to weed or to take out the trash. If I have regular socks on, like now, I either have to go upstairs and get real shoes, scrunch the socks around the toe thong, or take the socks off. You can see how much work that is, right?

Now, however, I have an easier alternative. I bought my big footed son a pair of those athletic sandals, the slip on kind that are not flip flops. I can use those if I need to go outside for something quick. He always leaves them by the back door even though - are you reading this son? - I wish he would put them in the laundry room.