Friday, August 14, 2009

Switzerland of America

Lumpy has always wanted to visit Switzerland. We don't know exactly why, but suspect it has to do with yodeling.

Since Switzerland is not in our budget, we took him to the next best thing, or at least the closest best thing, Switzerland of America, otherwise known as Ouray, Colorado.

Lumpy seemed to have a good time. He met some celebrities. They were smaller in person, but that is often the case with celebrities.

To a monkey, everything looks like something to climb. You might think this would draw looks of disapproval, but you'd be wrong. People think it very funny to see monkeys doing what they ought not to be doing.

Except dad. Dads do not find monkey shenanigans amusing.

Girls, on the other hand, will happily share adventure with high spirited monkeys.


C said...

That Lumpy will be the death of me!

Tig said...

Lumpy appears to be quite the mischievous little monkey.