Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tastes of Home

When my husband came back east, he was so looking forward to eating an Ann's chili dog. This was the local hot doggery of his youth. All three children joined him in eating fried hot dogs. Yes, deep fried hot dogs. I am not a fan of the hot dog, so this does not sound the least appetizing to me, but they all assure me that these are very tasty.

This second photo is Lumpy sitting upon the case of pizza sauce we bought to bring home. We cannot find this brand, my husband's favorite, where we live, so when we saw it at this Italian deli, we bought a case. Don't the cookies behind him look tempting? The lady who rang up our order of sandwiches and pizza sauce gave our daughter a free cookie of her choice; wasn't that sweet?

I ate a delicious eggplant parm sub from this deli. Yummmm.....I love eggplant. Alas, my family feels toward eggplant the way I do about hot dogs. No, that is not quite true. My daughter likes both eggplant and hot dogs. She is the one you'd want to invite to dinner.

The food most associated with our home state is steamed blue crabs. The kids ate plenty of them at the beach with Grandma and Grandpa. They told me they ate crabs almost every day.


MAAM said...

I'm with you - fried hot dogs??? blech. Eggplant?? Yummy!!!!!!

Jan said...

I'm adding my assent to that statement. However, crabs are on my "do not eat" list. My son and DH and DD on the other hand think crabs are very yummy!

Javajunky said...

Yum on the crabs. If you don't like deep fried hot dogs how did you ever survive your childhood without fried bologna? It's practically the same thing. :-) Don Pepino's pizza sauce is the preferred sauce in our house also. Maybe it's an East Coast thing. If ever you run out let me know and I'll ship you a few cans. Really.

C said...

Java, if I run out of Don Pepino's you are the first person I'm calling. We live in a lovely state and the weather is almost perfect, but I have to admit these people don't know how to eat! Too much healthy outdoor activity, not enough fried hot dogs and Don Pepino's!!! I'm going back to the Garden State. Now they know how to eat!