Friday, August 7, 2009

Too tired to Kravitz

That is how I felt today. I rested most of the day with my feet up because on our long drive home, my legs and feet became ridiculously swollen. So I did some online shopping for curricula for the upcoming school year. I bought a few things, considered some others, discussed my options with homeschooling friends - that sort of thing. Then I weeded my front garden. Life is exciting, isn't it?

Trixie and Lumpy experienced no water retention, but they were happy to lounge in my room with me. They look exhausted, but the funny thing is that they pretty much laid just like that in the car the whole way home, too. Trixie was like a bad airline seat mate who hogs the armrest the entire time. She is a bad seat mate here, too, seeing how she kicked Lumpy over when she wanted his perch on the pillow.


Jan said...

Oooh, isn't Trixie so cute, so is Lumpy! Can't wait to see you after you rest up from your trip.

Tig said...

Poor Lumpy

Javajunky said...

I don't think Lumpy is offended. He's sleeping. That Trixie is such a cutie that I would forgive her her armrest hogging.