Saturday, September 5, 2009

Aspen in summer

We took our dogs to Aspen today. Mountain towns tend to be very dog friendly, and there were dogs everywhere. Jeb and Trixie liked that, but at the farmer's market, Trixie was overwhelmed by the number of people. She was like a toddler to whom every pair of legs looks the same, and panics that mom is missing. So she got put in the bag so she wouldn't be trampled. That was her worst moment.

Jeb's worst moment was on the gondola going up the ski slope. We knew he would not like it, because he does not like elevators. He hid behind my husband's legs the entire ride up. Coming down he was only slightly less terrified.

At the top of the mountain, my daughter and I hula-hooped. We were pretty good at it, too. All that time on the Wii has paid off for us. My daughter also climbed the climbing wall. We all enjoyed the views.

Now, since I showed you Jeb at his worst, here he is at his favorite spot in Aspen, the little stream that runs along the pedestrian mall in town. He usually avoids running water, but he loved this little stream and kept drinking out of it. Trixie was just watching him. She finds everything Jeb does interesting, but not always worth repeating.


TexasHeather said...

Oh, beautiful views!!! And I'm only mildly jealous (really) that you can hula hoop and I, sadly, cannot any longer.

Your dogs would love to visit me, where *everywhere* is very doggy-friendly. Maybe they can come with Lumpy one day....

MAAM said...

Trixie in a Vera Bag. Tres chic classy dog!!