Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Curls and Christmas

Two unrelated topics today.

My daughter slept in curlers last night, and doesn't she look pretty today? Not that she ever does not look cute, but the curls really turned out well. Her hair needs no spray or such, so it is all bouncy, touchable loveliness.

Today I started making Christmas ornaments: tiny sweaters. It was so quick, maybe an hour total. I'm going to gather up any little odd balls I have around and knit more of them.


Quentin&Heather said...

The curls really frame her face nicely, and I love that she's wearing the vestie and we get a close up of all that intricate work. Lovely!

Sweater Christmas ornaments -- too cute! One day I should learn to knit....


MAAM said...

Well I sent my mama the sweater ornament idea,I have friends now making them. Wonder if anyone will take pity on this non-knitter who thinks they are adorable this Christmas??? hint! hint! lol!

MAAM said...

my littles saw this picture today and wanted to know if the girl had a wig on. I understand their confusion So much thick beautiful hair really shows with those curls!!

they also wanted to know again why the bad monkey was still in the bananas. I explained it to them...again. ;)