Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hat pins and hair cuts

I had my hair cut today. I forgot to take before pictures, so you'll just have to believe that I had about 6 or 7 inches cut off. I think it is a little short, but it will grow. I also think it looks a little choppy, but I can trim the front myself if I want.

After I came home, I began to wonder if I'd still be able to use my fabulous new hat pin. New to me, we bought it at an antique shop in Ouray a couple weeks ago. This is something I have needed for years, but only began to actively seek this month. I wear hats a lot, because I burn so easily in the sun, but the hats are always blowing off my head. (Those of you who've met me may have witnessed this.) So I needed a pin and thought about it every time the wind was blowing my hat off my head, but never a moment in between those occasions. However, recently, I said something about it out loud, to my husband. He remembered this and suggested we look for one when we were in Ouray.

My hair is, happily, still long enough for a quick French braid or very short ponytail, which is all I need to hold the pin and hat in place.

I had a flash of understanding while I was test braiding my hair. I suddenly understood why the cloche hat became popular in the 1920's: bobbed hair could not hold a hat pin, so the hat styles needed to be close fitting without a wide brim that would catch a breeze. Fashion rarely makes sense to me, so this was an almost exciting realization that I just had to share.


Michael said...

Now I finally understand why you have a pin in your hat:)

TexasHeather said...

I am so glad to see this follow-up to the hat pin post!! It is beautiful, and your hair looks lovely.

C said...

I'd marry you all over again. More beautiful than the day I met you!

Lil Seesta said...

I love it!!! You look terrific!!!!