Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hats are my favorite things to knit

In case you haven't noticed, I love hats. All sorts. For myself and for others. I finished this one today. The pattern was a free one I found on Ravelry, called Ring of Fire, if you feel like searching for it.

This hat has the added benefit of attracting dog kisses, or maybe that is the natural appeal of the boy wearing it.

The thing I love about knitting hats, beyond a hat's ability to keep one warm, is that they are small, varied, and low cost.

By small, I mean they are both portable and not long term knitting commitments. By varied, I mean that there are so many patterns for hats - there is always something new capturing my interest. Cabled hats, fair isle hats, intarsia, different construction methods. Endless variety, at an affordable price.

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Lil Seesta said...

Hello -- the Meemster & I would also like to put in an order for hats. Where do we sign up???