Thursday, September 24, 2009

Little updates

My daughter began ice skating again today. She reports that her teacher is not nice. She makes faces when the students make mistakes and calls them "dude." The teachers in the previous four levels all made favorable impressions, so I hope this one improves or we don't encounter her again.

After Monday's no beret day, I began one today with yarn I know will look good. This one will be for the girl child. I love the subtle color variations in this yarn, which was a give-away at my last knitting group meeting.

Tuesday I knit another tiny sweater ornament.

Speaking of sweaters, we had a cold snap earlier this week. It's always a shock when the temperature drops suddenly and drastically. Apparently it is a shock to small dogs, too, because Trixie was very whiny on Tuesday. When I finally realized she was cold, I pulled out her red sweater. She literally ran over to me and pushed her head inside it. Then she took a nap.

No photo of her in her sweater, because I forgot to take one, but I noticed it was looking a bit shabby, so I may be knitting a new one soon.


TexasHeather said...

The beret-in-progress is a lovely color; I bet that will be very pretty.

I think I like the solid color tiny sweaters better than the patterned one, but I'm impressed you can do patterns on something so small.

And, next time, we want pics of Trixie in her sweater. That is too funny she wanted it so badly -- how cute!

Jennifer said...

I agree, Heather. I don't like the sleeves on this one. All the color changes on it are in the yarn. It's self patterning sock yarn. So, it was not any harder to do than the solids.