Thursday, September 17, 2009

Moving right along into autumn

My personal autumn has begun. My children have been in school for a few weeks now, but until this week, I was still on summer hiatus from my regular Bible studies. As I mentioned way back in June, I spent the summer reading the Bible using I'm not done yet, but I finished the Old Testament by the end of August. I highly recommend It is so easy to use.

Last night was the first of my Precepts class on Matthew. I have been looking forward to this all summer! Does that sound crazy? Maybe, but I've never "studied" one of the gospels before. Read them, yes, of course, but not really slowed down and studied and discussed them. So I'm excited! Every Precepts study I've done has deepened my faith because the more I learn about God, the more I adore Him. Truly it is that simple.

Tonight my community group met for the first time since May. The community group is a more relaxed, no-homework gathering of a few people from my church. This year, we are meeting at my house, because our evening schedule is the wackiest, being the only ones with children. Also, this way my son can participate and not have to stay home to keep his sister safe. I like this group, too, but in a totally different way. We always enjoy getting together with these friends! We discuss the Bible passages from Sunday's sermon, and tend to go off on tangents both serious and goofy. I love that none of us feels like we have to act religious when we are feeling silly. We can talk about movies, zombies, work issues, bad neighbors, whatever is on our minds.

I feel so blessed to have both of these groups in my life. I hope my readers are blessed by their churches and study groups as much as I am.

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TexasHeather said...

Since finding a local group here, I have been so very blessed. I wasn't sure at first, since it is in Portuguese, but it is really a wonderful group of friends, and I'm understanding well.

Glad you have these groups in your life as well.