Saturday, September 12, 2009

All kinds of fun today

Now that my son lives at his school, it seems like a special occasion that he is here. Special occasion = junk food consumption at our house, so last night was both ice cream and chips and this morning was donuts.

We dropped the kids at an amusement park mid-day. The boys have been there many times, but this was their sister's first visit. The weather was overcast, cool, threatening to rain (and then raining), which meant really short lines. She loves rides, probably more than they do, so she went on everything.

While they were there, my husband and I hung out at a local bookshop reading magazines. He read about sailing, hacking, and computer things while I looked at pictures of knitting and home decorating. It was a fun date, which I immortalized in yet another of my infamous self portraits.

Afterward, we picked just our daughter up at the park. The boys had plans for the rest of the day with friends. Then we had a fun surprise - my husband took us girls to a store that sells used "amusements." Pinball machines, video arcade machines, pool tables, foosball, all those sorts of things. The fun part was that all the machines were turned on so they could be tried (for free). The girl had never played pinball before, and she and I had a blast doing horribly at almost every machine in the shop.

All in all, a great day.


TexasHeather said...

ooh, that does sound like a fun day!

MAAM said...

Great day!