Monday, September 28, 2009

It needed a new handle

I made this bag last winter. Much as I liked its capacity, looks, and washability, it did not get used because it is so big that when full, it dragged on the ground. The handles were not long enough to be worn over the shoulder. So it mostly sat in the car, last of the reusable shopping bags to be chosen.

When we were driving up to visit my son yesterday, I grabbed the leftover yarn and added a longer handle to it. It's just one simple strap that is long enough to go over my shoulder, wide enough to be comfortable.

Now this bag can finally get used!


TexasHeather said...

Does it get heavy, though, being so full? I take it this would mostly be a bag for going store to car, car to home, not a walk to the store, load up and walk home with the bag full sort of bag, right?

It sure looks lovely and practical, though!

Jennifer said...

It is pictured holding four boxes of cereal. I've also loaded it up with clothing purchases or towels for the pool. So, more bulky than heavy stuff. It is so stretchy, that I can really shove a lot into it.

I think if I were walking home with heavier purchases regularly, I would get one of those folding shopping carts. Do they use those in Brazil, Heather?

TexasHeather said...

They do use them, yes, the foldy wire carts. I used one when we lived in the city and walked to the store; now we are are too far to walk for most things, so I have a shoulder bag I use for small purchases. But, the straps are not quite long enough for comfortable shoulder wear once the bag has stuff in it.

thanks for clarifying about your bag being for bulky, not heavy : ) I was picturing loading it with liters of milk....that gets heavy, fast!

Javajunky said...

Very nice fix, Jenn-Kay!

knit1kids4 said...

That is cute! I've made lots of them and sell them on my etsy site every now and then. I've got two to list right now.

Did you use a pattern or make one up yourself?

Jennifer said...

knit1, the pattern was a free one called BYOB (bring your own bag). I found it on Ravelry. I think it was from Knitty, the online knitting mag.