Sunday, October 4, 2009

Apple pie and ice cream

We always appreciate friends telling us about favorite places to eat. Last year, one friend did even better and brought us a pie from Lewis Sweet Shop. Now, whenever we drive up to the mountains, we stop there for milkshakes or pie.

This weekend, we had milkshakes going to, and bought an apple pie coming home to share with the boys. Lumpy had a great time while we waited for our shakes. He met some friendly pigs.

Lucy was more interested in the ice cream. Have you ever seen a thicker shake? If you are driving, you can order a thin shake, which can be consumed with a straw. They ask when you order a shake, "Thick or thin?"

If you get a chance, stop there some time. They serve non-desserts, too.

1 comment:

MAAM said...

with pies and milkshakes like that why would you want a non-dessert?? lol