Thursday, October 15, 2009

Learning all the time

I made butter cookies today. I've made these same cookies countless times over the past two decades, but today must have been the first time I doubled the recipe. (That tin is from those delicious ginger snaps available at World Market that I told you about the other day.)

These are a basic "spritz" cookie, that you push through a cookie press. Shortly after I was married, I asked my mother in law for a cookie press for Christmas. It's one of those things that as a kid I was convinced would be a fantastic thing to own. My mil was willing to buy me one, but it turned out that her good neighbor had one sitting unused, so she gave me hers. It is battery operated, had a one year warranty, but I am still using it nearly 20 years later, and I think of them both every time I do.

(I have never used it for anything except the butter cookies, but I've made them chocolate, almond, vanilla, and peppermint flavored. The recipe is from my mom's old cookie book, which I love, being full of all the basic cookies.)

Fast forward to today. I doubled the recipe. Did I mention there is a lot of butter involved? Yes. Well, today I learned that the dough gets really greasy/buttery as it sits. By the time I was half way done pressing out the cookies, the dough was so slick it would not adhere to the pan, so when I lifted the press, there was no dough left behind. I had to put the whole contraption in the freezer for a few minutes to get it to firm back up.

That was my lesson learned today. Keep dough in refrigerator while it's waiting its turn.


TexasHeather said...

Should I ever try my hand at baking cookies -shudder- I will remember that. I am hopeless when it comes to baking, so I'm glad to have the head's up, or I'd have thought it my fault. IF I ever try it. Which is unlikely.

Javajunky said...

I have a cookie gun too! I inherited mine (electric, btw) from Grandmom. We made cookies with that thing every Christmas. We dyed the dough green and red and put chocolate chips in the center of the red ones. Kind of looked like poinsettias if you crossed your eyes and squinted a little. :-) You're right about warm dough not sticking. Very frustrating. Good job! We will make those cookies again this year--in Grandmom's honor.