Monday, October 5, 2009

Lumpy's mountain retreat

On Friday, after we dropped our bags at our room, we took Lumpy for a hike around the Y facility. (Lucy opted to stay at the lodge, napping through her ice cream rush.)

As always, Lumpy found everything delightful. He enjoyed the scenery from every angle. (That shot is totally unposed. Lumpy jumped off his perch and landed just like that. He is so funny in person!)

He found this thing to climb. It was perfectly sized for a small monkey, as he happily demonstrated. What anyone else would do with this, I do not know.

Mostly, he just looked around, not seeing moose, bear, or mountain lions.

It was a bit cold for a monkey, so he warmed himself at the fire when we returned to the lodge.

That night, he insisted that "monkeys don't sleep in beds or on chairs when they are camping." We pointed out that we were not camping. The "lodge" was exactly like a hotel, but he was determined to consider the retreat a camping weekend. So he slept in a hat-hammock, and we were all happy with that compromise.

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