Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Relaxing Retreat

I enjoyed the retreat last weekend. It was good meeting and getting to know people I'd maybe only seen in passing on Sunday mornings. The most fun, for me, was playing games both nights. I love playing games. Fun games, not monopoly or chess.

The weekend's theme was "relationships," and the planners did a great job of making sure we all had plenty of time to hang out with each other or rest and relax, whichever we needed.

These photos are from a hike we took on Saturday with some others. As you can see, the girl had a great time slipping about in snow and mud. All the kids did. Some were very muddy by the end of it, others only moderately so.

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Lil Seesta said...

What retreat is that (generically speaking - understand no names)? It sounds like so much fun - did you stay over?