Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stalker Mom?

I am not on Facebook. I've thought about it mostly (okay, only) when someone I know says to me, "You should join Facebook!" Then I dismiss the idea and forget all about it until someone mentions it again.

This evening, though, my son told me my other son is now on Facebook. So I'm thinking of joining, just to be his friend. Does that make me a stalker? (I got texting when he moved specifically so I could text with him.)

What do you think, son?


red said...

a little, but no more than anyone who googles themself and their familiy/friends.

doesn't mean I won't still feel a little bit over-the-shouldered.

MAAM said...

I joined Facebook first and then my college boy joined! Should I feel stalked?? LOL.
(I was stalking younger siblings. ;) ) it is nice though I see pics of college boy and he also posts photos of his artwork there so I can see those.

red said...

That reminds me actualy.
C may not have remembered but Your little sister is on facebook too.

Lil Seesta said...

I'm one of the only people on facebook who doesn't like to share anything -- "that's personal!" I know I should get over it - thus I have the most boring facebook site imaginable