Sunday, November 29, 2009


Today we set out our Advent wreath and our nativity. Because I love my nativity set so much, I took pictures to share it with you. My daughter did the arranging this year. I suggested the location of the shepherd's field and unwrapped the pieces. Typically, the arrangement of nativity pieces changes throughout the season of Advent. We all like to move the people around a bit now and then.

My favorite years were the ones when Luke and Han or Spiderman and Wolverine would come to visit Bethlehem. Why didn't I take photos of that? Those memories are so much more precious to me than who gave whom what.


TexasHeather said...

Oh, that is pretty! I am still eyeing a big set like that -- meanwhile I collect small self-contained ones. They'll be appearing on my blog soon : ) We decorated this weekend also.

Jennifer said...

Heather, I bought the pieces one at a time. Well, I started with the Holy Family. After that, they were collected piece by piece over the past 20 years. The price of an individual figure varies, but they are such that you don't feel greedy asking for one as a gift.