Monday, November 23, 2009

Annual Thanksgiving Home Improvement Project

ATHIP, for short.

Before we moved here, we celebrated Thanksgiving like most people: a big meal with family and friends. After moving here, we came to the conclusion that it was the family get together we enjoyed, not the traditional meal. In fact, none of us really like turkey. Only a couple like stuffing. We all like potatoes and pie, but we eat them fairly often.

So we decided to skip the big meal and go out to dinner and the movies on Thanksgiving Day. (This year, we are disappointed with the offerings, so we may skip the movie.) We also decided that Thanksgiving was the perfect time to tackle home improvement projects. Painting, installing new flooring, anything we could do ourselves.

This year, my husband will be installing new interior doors. I am painting the balusters and trim. When we finish, I'll share before and afters.

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red said...

Not home improvement projects!