Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ATHIP, stage 2

The new doors have been installed.

The trim has also been sanded, which is technically step 1 of stage 3, painting the door trim.


red said...

I feel like my work is under represented, but painting is the end goal I'd anticipated.

MAAM said...

Looks nice :) Red will have to get his own blog if he wants proper recognition! lol

What I really want to know, where has Lumpy been through all of this? I find it hard to believe he's not right smack in the middle of all the activity.

Jennifer said...

Lumpy is a bit annoyed with me because he wants to meet an elephant and ATHIP is interfering with that.

MAAM said...

well I'd make sure you keep a close eye on any paint cans or anything an annoyed monkey might get his hands on to wreak havoc during ATHIP. It could get ugly.

Lil Seesta said...

Looks terrific! Way to be productive :)