Friday, November 27, 2009

Dealing with Disappointment

At Costco earlier this week we saw three enormous stuffed animals: a bear, a giraffe, and an elephant. When I told Lumpy about them, he immediately asked to go see the elephant. Because of ATHIP, we did not get there until today.

The bear and elephant had been sold! (The elephant was well over $1000. Who buys these things?) Lumpy was the saddest little monkey. He laid his head down on my socks and cried. He had SO wanted to touch an elephant. We all felt bad for him.

We tried to get him interested in the giraffe. My husband and daughter got him as close to the giraffe as they could. It was little consolation. Giraffes are amazing in their own way, but his heart had been set on meeting an elephant.

Later, the girl spotted a bunch of gorillas. We thought that might cheer Lumpy a bit. It did not. "Gorillas," we were told, "Do not have trunks. And they smell." At least he waited until we were in the next aisle to say it.

It was not looking good. There's really not much you can do when sock monkeys are in a pout. However, Dad seemed to know the trick. Soda pop. With a straw. Not as good as touching an elephant, but it made the disappointment easier to swallow.

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Tig said...

Poor Lumpy!!
I agree, who buys $1,000.00 elephants anyway???