Thursday, November 19, 2009

Periwinkle progress

Even though I haven't had any finished items to show you for about a month, I have been knitting away. I'm working on this sweater. I've redone parts of it several times, and I keep changing my mind about the neckline, but that's all just part of the fun that is knitting.

I've included a close up of the color, because it is such a lovely heathered yarn.

Other than knitting, and school, and driving people here and there, I have not been very busy lately. I cleaned my closet this week. Very fun. Seriously. I love decluttering, and I got rid of a bunch of unflattering and ill fitting things. That did give me pause with my sweater, though, because I decided to go in a different direction with the neckline based on what I removed from my closet.


TexasHeather said...

Beautiful color! I'm sure it will be lovely when it's finished!

Javajunky said...

So what did you decide for the neckline? I love the color.

Jennifer said...

JJ, I am now thinking of starting completely over. The knitting is on hold until the ATHIP is complete.