Monday, November 9, 2009

Lumpiness at the Library

We, my husband and I, love public libraries. We go to several around here, but he also likes to visit them when he travels.

Today, after dropping the kids at school and making a quick trip to Lowe's, we hung out at the library near the kids school until our son's class ended.

Lumpy hadn't had an outing in a while, so we let him come with us today. He loves books, too.

He was delighted with this electric typewriter. He'd never seen one before, so I let him try it out after I finished the Bible study homework I'd brought with me.

Since he was so good and quiet at the library, we let him slide down the long bannister as a treat on our way out. He was fast!

1 comment:

TexasHeather said...

So sweet!! It cracks me up you take him on outings without your kiddos : ) Lumpy is one lucky monkey!