Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sending them out into the world is rough.

When your children go out into the world, you want to think that you've given them a firm foundation. You want to think that they will be guided by their upbringing, even when you are not there to remind them. Really, you wish that they could learn things from you, instead of the hard way, even though you know that they will choose the hard lessons.

It's the same with monkeys. Rita had the joy of a gal pal get together last weekend. While our other friends were indulging in chocolate and fellowship, she got into the hard cider and honey.

I hope this is a lesson she will only need to learn once in her life.

Maybe the rest of us could learn the lesson from her bad example?

(I'm almost afraid to think of what Fforde, Zippy, and Tallulah are getting into these days!)


MAAM said...

Obviously Rita either fell into the wrong crowd who led her astray or they just didn't offer enough supervision for a young monkey not quite ready to be entirely on her own. But then again, its quite possible she's just a young and foolish monkey who needs to learn some life lessons and is willing to take responsibility and endure the consequences for her own actions.

red said...

Fforde is well. He's hoping to get lost in a good book soon. The books I have to keep around are boring him.

What's that?
He wants to tell Rita to behave herself; silly monkey.
I have to agree with him though; Honey is not for monkeys.

Tig said...

too funny
Rita was a very busy little monkey, wasn't she?

Javajunky said...

I think the honey/cider induced headache has led little Rita to change her ways.

Lil Seesta said...

Tallulah will do NOTHING that messes with her bow. Zippy wants to know what the honey was for - he starts looking for straws when you mention hard cider.