Saturday, November 21, 2009

Walking the dogs

My husband and I walked along the South Platte today with the dogs. The weather was perfect, and we were the only ones on the path most of the morning.

Jeb was a very good dog. I hitched him to this gate while I took a picture. He looked so cute.

This is the picture I took while Jeb was tied to the gate. I took more of Jeb than the tree.

Trixie was almost a good dog. Her new harness has eliminated the pulling, but she still zig zags like crazy.

The river was running fairly well for so late in the year. There were still a few ducks around, too, despite the snows we've had.

Such a relaxing way to spend the morning!


red said...

they're so cute!
I just want to rub their bellies.

Javajunky said...

Good doggies!! Beautiful pic of the tree.