Sunday, January 17, 2010

365-1, 365-2

My friend, Heather, has encouraged me to take part in a photography project. The aim is to post 365 photos this year, or one each day, to improve one's skill as a photographer. My skills could use some improvement. Okay, lots of improvement.

This sounds like a good idea, but I doubt I'm going to post a good photo for every day, even if I had started on Jan 1 instead of Jan 17. So my goal will be to post photos at least once each week that do not have Lumpy, my dogs, or knitting in them. Not to say I won't still photograph those, but I will make an effort to take pictures of other subjects.

Mostly, I will work on framing photos nicely, ie, not lopping off heads and holding the camera steady. My camera is a pink point and shoot that is the size of my cell phone. It is a 7.2 mega pixel Casio autofocus. (I include this on the off chance that someone cares.) Basically, it is for people like me who take snapshots, not serious photographers.

Criticism is invited in this project, so please help me improve by leaving comments.


Tracy said...

Welcome and I think you already posted 2 GREAT shots!

TexasHeather said...

So glad you are joining in! Yippee!!!

I think the 2 shots for this week are lovely! I would have gotten less of the clouds in the first one, brought the shot down some, but otherwise it is amazing! (it is still good, and one of the things I often do is frame too close, so maybe don't listen to me so much...).

Looking forward to seeing your photos!!! My camera is only a teensy step up from yours, so no worries there : )

TexasHeather said...

Forgot to say -- I swear I have been on that street before in the bottom photo. Or one that looks just like it. I think I ate lunch on that street once. Is that crazy cool, or just crazy???

Candi said...

Great shots...I like the 1st one

JRomamma said...

I really like this (storefronts) and no worries about the point and shoot - most of mine are just that!

Isabel said...

Beautiful photos :)