Sunday, January 24, 2010

New and Improved Saxon Mitts

I was not quite satisfied with my earlier pair of mitts. I did not like the ribbing all the way to my wrist. They fit fine, it's the chunky appearance I don't like. So I made another pair. This pair was done with less than a skein of Brown Sheep Top of the Lamb. I wasn't sure how much yarn they'd use. I had enough left over that I'd knit the cuff a bit longer if I were to knit them again.

I used number 5's. They are rather densely knit. 6's might have been better.

Since I was knitting a new pair, I decided to make them symmetrical, so on the left mitten, I reversed the crossing of the center cable. (Instead of c4f, I did c4b.)

The basic mitt was guided by Ann Budd's Book of Handy Patterns. Here are more detailed instructions:

gauge: about 5 sts=1 inch. Maybe 5.5 sts=1 inch. The mitts have a snug fit and stretch. I think if your gauge is anywhere close, they'll fit.

Saxon Cable:
row 1: p3, k2, p4, k4, p4, k2, p3
row 2: p3, c4fp2k2, c4b, c4f, c4bk2p2, p3
row 3: p5, k4, p4,k4, p5
row 4: p5, c4b, p4, c4f, p5
row 5: same as row 3
row 6: p3, c4bk2p2, c4fk2p2, c4bk2p2, c4fp2k2
row 7: same as row 1
row 8: p3, k2, p4, c4f, p4, k2, p3

Cast on 48 sts. Join in round.
Begin chart on first round.
On rows 1-5, k2,p2 around. Then change to stockinette for remaining rounds.

Knit 4 repeats of the cable. (32 rounds)

Work thumb gusset while continuing the cable pattern. Basically the thumb will be worked by two increases on every 3 rounds until the gusset has 17 stitches.

Like this for the right hand:

Knit cable row 1, k5, place marker, m1, k1, m1, knit to end.
Knit cable row 2, st st around.
Knit cable row 3, st st around.
Knit cable row 4, k5, m1, k1, m1, knit around.

When the thumb gusset reaches 17 stitches, place them on a piece of scrap yarn. Increase by one backward loop over the gusset.

Continue to work around, in pattern until you reach the next row 5 of the cable. Then begin k2,p2 ribbing again. Work through row 1, then bind off in rib.

(For the left hand, knit cable row, knit around to 6 sts before the purls, place marker, m1, k1, k1, place marker, continue.)

Pick up stitches around thumb. Add 3 st where you did the backward loop. I know this sounds wrong, but it works. k2, p2 around for 5 rows. Bind off in rib.



TexasHeather said...

They are so pretty! Good job!

dianne - bunny trails said...

Those are very nice. I have a pair of gauntlets I bought at Target last year that are just wonderful (sorry, not a knitter). They're so helpful for those days when my hands just won't warm up.

Katie said...

these are absolutely fantastic!!!

Amanda said...

I need something like those for when I'm shooting pics in the cold. Gloves don't cut it.

Anonymous said...

Those are lovely!

Kathy C. said...

Those look super cozy. I can't knit!!! It irritates me to no end, and one of these days I'm going to teach myself how!